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Managed Healthcare Executive Features Expert Annette Bechtold

With the Democrats in control of the House and Republicans taking a greater majority in the Senate, the country is now waiting to see how Congress will handle several of the primary healthcare issues.

Annette Bechtold, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives at OneDigital, talks to Managed Healthcare Executive about how post midterm elections will impact healthcare legislation. She explains the current status of Congress in the article “Midterm Election Results: 6 Ways Healthcare Could Change in 2019” published in Managed Healthcare Executive, and provides insights into the types of changes we may see in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as well as an overview of how the Trump administration will continue embracing value-based care models.

Many bill sponsors and co-sponsors from the 115th Congress are no longer Congressional members. All old bills that were introduced will be dismissed and all previously proposed legislation will need to be reintroduced. Educating new members while finding new sponsors and co-sponsors will add to the lengthy timeline of getting things accomplished.
Annette Bechtold, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives, OneDigital

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