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March Issue Of Healthy People: Spring Is In The Air!

March is here and spring is in the air... let's hope!  This month's issue of Healthy People, our wellness newsletter,  is filled with information focused on making your world a healthier place. From noise pollution risk, to caring for caregivers, to workout secrets from the pros--the March issue of Healthy People has something for everyone.

A Note about Leadership
Leaders of healthy companies understand the delicate balance between company outcomes and the health of their most valuable asset--their employees. These leaders help craft a vision and mission statement for their wellness initiatives so there's a "health future" for the organization to strive toward over time. These individuals have a complete understanding of staffing, budget, space and time resources so the initiatives have a solid foundation and the best chances for success.

In addition, senior leaders are the key messengers for the promotion and communication of their wellness initiatives. They reinforce the message to everyone that this is important not only for the company, but for the individual employee as well. Lastly, nothing sends a clearer signal than when senior leaders are actually participating in the programs themselves. They're often the first ones signed up for the health screenings or the are visibly participating and championing the company walking program. It's so important for them to get out there and get involved because when they do, great things take place and their programs are off to a healthy start.

In short--at the core of a successful wellness program is a committed and dedicated team of senior leaders. Grassroots efforts are important and serve a purpose, but they can't provide the foundation and support that the senior team can. If your senior leaders haven't seen the value in a healthy workforce and how it supports a healthy company then it's time to make a case for it!

Nutritional Tip:  Chop, mince, slice or mash garlic ten minutes prior to exposing to heat to magnify its cancer fighting ability. If you're not cooking with heat then you don't havve to wait to use it. Source: Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson.