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Mike Sullivan Talks HR Tech Trends With Employee Benefit News

While all industries can benefit from time-saving advancements in technology, not all sectors adopt cutting-edge solutions at the same pace.

AI technologies have started to trickle into the human resources environment, including payroll management, benefits, time off and employee performance. Mike Sullivan, Chief Growth Officer at OneDigital, explains the three most prominent technology trends HR professionals should consider as part of the greater organizational strategy in the article “3 Tech Trends HR Professionals Need to Watch” by Employee Benefit News.

Although artificial intelligence (AI) in HR is still in its infancy, starting out as algorithms that follow rules (if X, then Y) to make recommendations or take actions, it’s getting smarter. More practical applications will soon start to appear in the industry and future applications of AI could even help companies suggest what interview questions to ask by analyzing the data of employees who are already excelling in the organization and comparing these attributes with those in the candidate pool.
Mike Sullivan, Chief Growth Officer, OneDigital

HR managers are seeing the benefit of using anonymous survey tools to gather information from their employees for a deeper understanding of their staff’s feelings and pinpoint any areas for concern. This data enables HR departments to develop new initiatives that bolster the company culture and in turn, help improve the business’ bottom line.

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