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Nicholle Trugman Shares Benefits & Retention Strategies To Position Leaders To Thrive in 2022 and Beyond

The rate at which employees are leaving or changing jobs over the past couple of years has been unprecedented. A study done by Visier reported that one out of every four employees left their job in 2021.

Since the start of the pandemic, organizations have dealt with worldwide challenges that changed the way employers managed employee benefits to evolve alongside the changing needs of the workforce. Associate Vice President of OneDigital West Region, Nicholle Trugman rounds out a group of 22 trusted advisors that shared key insights from 2022 to help leaders navigate the challenges amidst supply chain challenges.

In LMA Consulting Group's special report, "Thriving in 2022", Nicholle highlights the importance of prioritizing employee needs to maximize engagement while improving retention.

The most successful clients have spent the last year developing workforce strategies that not only attract but retain top talent. The success of these organizations is attributed to leadership’s ability to listen, learn and implement...Doing good for your workforce is doing good for your business. Talent is attracted to those organizations that have made doing good for their people a business model.
— Nicholle Trugman, Associate Vice President, OneDigital West Region

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