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OneDigital Chief Product Officer on Digital Transformation Budgeting

While "digital transformation" may appear to be the current corporate buzzword, it is necessary for most businesses to survive in the modern market.

After all, improving efficiency and lowering costs is an age-old principle in business, and the best method to do so nowadays is usually through technology. In a recent expert panel by Forbes Technology Council, OneDigital’s Chief Product Officer, Vinay Gidwaney had the opportunity to weigh on strategic approaches for achieving needed digital transformation initiatives on a limited budget.

Keep Maintenance Costs In Mind. Most IT projects—especially those that require building apps—require a “lifetime funding” approach. A hallmark mistake in budgeting is to assume the project is done when the app goes live, when that’s just the start. Think of every tech asset as a baby: You create it and must nurture it for the remainder of its life.
Vinay Gidwaney, Chief Product Officer, OneDigital

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