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OneDigital Client Casa Dorinda Named Among Healthiest Companies in America

Honored by Interactive Health for Inspiring Employee Participation and Health Improvements Through Workplace Health Program

SANTA BARBARA, CA – November 15, 2018OneDigital Health and Benefits’ Southern California operation is pleased to announce that client Casa Dorinda has been recognized as one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” by Interactive Health, a national provider known for preventive health programs that encourage employees to adopt new health habits. Casa Dorinda is one of 184 companies across the country recognized this year for empowering employees to make significant and sometimes life-saving changes to improve their health. This is the fourth year Casa Dorinda has won the award.

With the help of effective preventive health initiatives, Interactive Health’s “Healthiest Companies in America” recipients have reached or exceeded an exemplary 70% participation rate in their organization’s wellness program, and their workforce’s overall health risk was low, based on the results of an annual health evaluation that involves a blood draw, lab tests and a detailed questionnaire.

Casa Dorinda, one of the highest rated retirement communities in the United States, attributes the good health of its employees to the company’s robust wellness plan, designed in conjunction with Beneflex Insurance Services now a OneDigital Health and Benefits company. The plan incentivizes employees to improve their health status across five major health conditions that impact medical spend – uncontrolled diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and anemia. By encouraging its employee group of around 160 individuals to improve their health status, Casa Dorinda saw a net cost avoidance of over $115,000.

We at Casa Dorinda are proud to be named one of the ‘Healthiest Companies in America’ by Interactive Health. We spent a lot of time and effort crafting our wellness plan with our partners at Beneflex to maximize its impact, so it is rewarding to see those efforts pay off. Not only are our employees improving their health, they are actually saving the company money by preventing the need for medical services in the future.
— Brian McCague, President and CEO of Casa Dorinda

“It is truly magnificent to see our customers achieve this rate of employee participation in their wellness programs, supporting an overall healthy workforce,” said Interactive Health President and CEO Bill Goldberg. “I am inspired to see how many organizations have reached this achievement this year—and how many additional employers were extraordinarily close to attaining this goal. All the investment they’ve put into supporting their employees’ health has paid off. Employees enjoy healthier lives, while employers benefit from enhanced productivity and lower healthcare costs. It’s truly a win-win combination.”

Participants in Interactive Health’s programs receive a thorough health evaluation to identify risk and learn about their health status. This evaluation is often more thorough than what patients receive during routine visits to primary care doctors. Their new-found health status motivates them to adopt new habits, which Interactive Health supports through year-round personalized digital tools, coaching and individualized health goals, and other resources, which is what contributed to Casa Dorinda to being named among the country’s healthiest companies.

For more information on Healthiest Companies in America, visit their website.

About Casa Dorinda

Founded in 1975, Casa Dorinda is California’s premiere LifeCare community. Located in the heart of Montecito on the historic Bliss estate, Casa Dorinda combines private medical care and a culturally rich environment to truly elevate retirement living. Casa Dorinda is a private LifeCare Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) owned and operated by the Montecito Retirement Association, a nonsectarian, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.

About Interactive Health

Interactive Health helps businesses solve for rising healthcare costs. Through annual health evaluations, we reveal powerful, sometimes surprising information about employees’ health. Those insights empower employees to adopt new habits — habits we support through personalized goal-setting and resources. With 25 years’ experience serving more than 1 million people annually, we drive measurable gains in our clients’ financial performance and improve the lives of their employees.

About OneDigital Health and Benefits

OneDigital Health and Benefits, the nation’s largest company focused exclusively on employee benefits and HR, combines people and technology to power business growth. Serving companies of all sizes, OneDigital offers employers a sophisticated combination of strategic benefit advisory services, analytics, compliance support, human resources management tools and comprehensive insurance offerings. Headquartered in Atlanta, OneDigital has over 1,400 employees throughout the country, serves 38,000 clients and manages nearly $4.5 billion in premiums. OneDigital has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest-growing companies every year since 2007. Currently listed as 13th in EBA’s Top 50 Brokers in the Large Employer Group, OneDigital’s experience offers a fresh thinking and strategic perspective that will improve all aspects of plan design and performance.