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OneDigital Expands Solutions in Northern California

In December 2016, OneDigital acquired Designing Benefits, an insurance services and HR consulting firm based out of Pleasanton, California.

With this recent acquisition, OneDigital’s Northern California capabilities will now expand beyond employee benefits consulting and HR technology solutions to also include complete HR consulting services. Our clients will have access to a variety of HR services and solutions to meet their company needs, no matter what their existing HR team setup includes.

Through our high-touch, personal approach to HR, the services you select will always meet your organization’s culture and the needs of your HR team.

By offering this service alongside the employee benefits management and consulting services OneDigital is known for, we will continue to be your sole source for all things HR and benefits, making the management of your company’s needs as simple as possible so you can focus on what matters most: your people.

OneDigital understands that all companies are different, so the solutions we offer vary to fit the culture and needs of our clients. This flexibility in structure also ensures that no matter what your HR needs are, there is a solution that will fit your budget.

Common HR Consulting services include:

  • Project-Based Needs:
    • Employee Handbooks
    • HR Audit and Setup
    • Managers Training
    • Job Descriptions
    • Leave Management
  • Ongoing HR Support:
    • Completely Outsourced HR Department (onsite and offsite support) - We are your HR department, and we handle all HR duties.
    • Partially Outsourced HR Department (primarily offsite support) - We manage the HR function and come onsite once a month to meet with management, and manage the personnel files to make sure everything is compliant.
    • Partially Outsourced HR Department (offsite support only) - Standard HR duties handled entirely remote.
  • Consultation Services:
    • Compensation Analysis
    • Sexual Harassment Investigations
    • Executive Coaching
    • Strategic Planning

By outsourcing some or all of your HR function to OneDigital, it gives you one main point of contact for all things employee-related and allows you to focus on your people. If you would like more information on our HR Services, contact your OneDigital representative today to discuss how our solutions can help your organization.

Looking for an overview?

Watch our “Benefits of HR Consulting Services” webinar playback to learn more.