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OneDigital Leader Discusses Differences in Single vs. Married Benefits With SHRM

The data shows–90% of companies offer better benefits to married couples.

However, when it comes to interpreting the numbers, OneDigital Pacific Region’s Principal and Senior Client Executive Dan Maass thinks there may be more than meets the eye. He explains that while employers commonly contribute more, most premiums for family high-deductible plan or preferred provider organization are inherently higher. In the SHRM article, “Single vs. Married Employees' Benefits Aren't Equal," Dan notes that he’s seen employers take action to address inequalities in other areas, such as parental leave.

Although employers may be providing additional funding to support the family's premium, those with single coverage overall have a lower financial cost with payroll deductions and plan costs.

More employers are providing elder care support, home support for employees with a short-term illness or injury, and financial wellness tools and advice.
Singles or ‘married-with-no-kids’ employees are seeking similar time off as parents receive. Offering sabbaticals may become more prevalent in smaller companies [along with] more unique leave options for these employees. To stay competitive, the disparity of leave benefits is something employers will need to address.
Dan Maass, Principal and Senior Client Executive, OneDigital Pacific

Read the SHRM article here.

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