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OneDigital Leaders Share Their Favorite Benefits and HR Books with Employee Benefit News

In today’s world of limitless information, it can feel like there is no shortage of experts in any given field.

That can be especially true when looking to expand your industry-knowledge and select a book, podcast or conference to attend. OneDigital HR Consulting leader Keith Falk at OneDigital West Region shares his favorite benefits and HR books that will elevate your own knowledge on the topic. He highlights the books that enhanced his professional growth and personal development in the Employee Benefit News article, “15 Must Read Books HR and Benefits Professionals Can't Put Down.”

Keith Falk, Regional Managing Director of HR Consulting, OneDigital West Region:

“Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead” by Laszlo Bock

He was the senior vice president of Google people operations and is regarded as the brightest mind in HR. He has a new HR artificial intelligence company too.

“The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle

It’s incredible. It features great groups that are really tight and why they are so close-knit. [For example], Navy Seals and New Zealand All Blacks [rugby team].

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