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OneDigital Managing Principal Emily Bailey featured in HR Daily Advisor

The Great Resignation has had an undeniable impact on businesses throughout our country.

Per the latest Job Openings, Layoffs, and Turnover Survey (JOLTS) release, November 2021 saw a series high of 4.5 million employees leave their jobs—a 3% increase from the month prior. While historically, high turnover was most prevalent in the younger workforce, today’s statistics show we are losing more mid-career professionals, aged 30–45, than ever before.

In a recent article in the HR Daily Advisor, Emily Bailey, Managing Principal at OneDigital Connecticut, discusses the role paid family leave plays in supporting the workforce. In the article 'Is Paid Family Leave Friend or Foe to the Bottom Line,' Bailey shares a few things employers can do to better support their workforce through these life changes and to not fall victim to the Great Resignation.

As a business leader, it is imperative to weigh both sides of the financial risks and rewards: financing the benefits working parents need to balance their family life against the cost of replacing them.

— Emily Bailey, Managing Principal, OneDigital Connecticut

Read the full HR Daily Advisor article here.

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