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OneDigital Named One of Nashville's Healthiest Employers

OneDigital Health and Benefits Honored as One of Nashville’s 2018 Healthiest Employers

As a wellbeing strategy consultant, I can’t overstate how rewarding it is to work for an organization that supports the health of our employees. We implement many of the wellbeing initiatives that we recommend to our clients in our own office because they work to promote a healthier and more engaged workforce.

One component of our wellness program that solidified our position as one of Nashville’s Healthiest Employers was our implementation of the Go365 Wellness and Rewards Program, which incentivizes our employees’ healthy behaviors. Go365 allows our employees to personalize and track activities to support their personal wellness plans and engage in company-wide challenges, all while earning fun rewards along the way.

The program offers a health assessment, personalized goals, health coaching, mobile app capabilities, rewards for preventive visit adherence and education about ongoing physical fitness goals. In addition to Go365 activity, we offer four engagement challenges throughout the year with prizes varying from a day of paid time off (PTO) to airline travel.

The Nashville Business Journal partnered with Healthiest Employers LLC to search for companies with policies and initiatives that promote the health and wellbeing of their employees. Together, they recognize organizations in the Nashville area that proactively improve the health of their population, growing engagement in wellness programming and fostering an overall culture of wellbeing. Healthiest Employer LLC ranked participating organizations based on the results of an employee survey that looked at leadership and cultural support for wellness, long-term visibility of the wellness program, communications and marketing of the wellness program, practical planning and employee engagement in the wellness program, as well as reporting and analysis on the wellness program’s results and return on investment (ROI).

We are proud of the strides our organization has taken to establish a sustainable and effective wellness program, and we were delighted to be named one of Nashville’s Healthiest Employers. Reach out to your OneDigital consultant to find out how your organization can evaluate and improve your employee wellbeing program.