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OneDigital Retention & Growth Summit 2019: Defy Gravity

Last week, over 700 OneDigital colleagues from across the country made their way to Atlanta, Georgia, for our annual summit.

Upon arrival, the most notable difference since last year was how many more people were in the room. Since the previous Retention & Growth Summit a year ago, OneDigital has done some serious growing after welcoming many incredible additions to the team, including our largest acquisition to date.

One of the things that make the conference so fantastic is our people. Taking a few days away to connect is more than beneficial; it’s a blast. However, asking employees to spend a week away from their families, loved ones and work means they better be leaving with something extraordinarily valuable. And from what I was hearing from attendees – they did.

This year’s theme: defy gravity.

If you think of gravity as the status quo, this week was about challenging our own perceptions and the things that are holding us back, to reach greater heights for our customers.

We took the opportunity to strip back and take a long look at what we currently provide to our customers and what they truly need. It’s incredibly valuable feedback that can be difficult to swallow. Yet, these glimpses gave us the opportunity to work backward – taking this feedback to determine what we can be doing better to deliver an even more exceptional customer experience.

Being the extremely energetic, action-driven company that we are, this information was inspiring, helping us discover how we can translate these lessons to improve upon what we are doing daily.

Our two incredible keynote speakers discussed resilience – being comfortable with the uncomfortable. They reminded us, it’s only when you’re uncomfortable that change happens. This has allowed us to peel back the onion and fully look at the raw client experience and what may have been missing for them, allowing us to put the wheels into motion to provide a better experience.

Even the format of the conference was transformed, based on feedback from last year that pushed us in a much more “breakout-heavy, smaller-group” agenda. This format gave attendees the chance to hear from many different peers through practical, discussion-based, intimate advice from peers that are already doing it – and share how they’re winning and overcoming challenges. This week is also about recognition. It is one of the best parts when the entire conference gathers together for the awards dinner to highlight great performance and the exceptional work that’s happening around the country.

At the end of our time together, it was clear: OneDigital is obsessed with our customers.

It all boils down to determining what we can do to make it easier for our customers to work with us by listening to them and looking deeper at what they need, want and deserve. This is the simple, yet profound way we can provide a valuable, customer-centric strategy to meet their goals.

We’re leaving this conference more inspired than ever and ready to be bold, defying gravity to create an exceptional customer experience.

To get a feel for the energy and enthusiasm our team brings to employee benefits and to learn more about what we offer, connect with your local OneDigital representative or visit OneDigital’s Fresh Thinking Blog.


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