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OneDigital Summer Intern Survival Guide

Not sure what to expect at your internship this summer with OneDigital?

Take it from the two of us, as we are currently making our way through week four. We have compiled a few OneDigital intern survival tips to get you started off on the right foot from day one.

  1. Stay Cool

    Take that winter jacket out of summer storage in your closet because the air conditioning in the OneDigital Hartford office is blowing at max capacity. Now, this is not at all a bad thing, in fact, the cool breeze throughout the office will keep you alert and focused for your time spent inside.

  2. Keep a Healthy Balance

    Oh, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed getting used to the new job? Have no fear, right away we learned that OneDigital does a wonderful job implementing a culture of a healthy work/life balance. Take your lunch outside to one of the nice picnic tables and enjoy the fresh air while you have your break, go for a lap around the building, and possibly you can suggest a meeting to be a walking one to get those legs moving for a bit. It has been awesome to work with a team that cares about maximizing their employee’s positive work experience each day.

  3. Fuel Your Body

    No worries here if you run out of time in the morning to make breakfast or forget to pack a lunch! The kitchen is always stocked with great healthy and energizing options like fruit, bars, bagels, peanut butter, and pretzels…just to name a few! On top of that, on many of the days throughout the week, the office has food trucks come by during lunchtime where you can enjoy foods from various cuisines. In the past few weeks alone, we have seen different trucks with tacos, gyros, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and much more!

  4. Be a Part of the Team

    Do not be afraid to ask for help or address a problem you may be having to your co-workers. OneDigital works like one big team where each player or coach wants to see another succeed and grow. As an intern, you may have many new things thrown at you and like anywhere else the expectation is that you do your best work, but it does not need to be without any help!

  5. Embrace Challenges

    Recently our CEO, Adam Bruckman, spoke at the Town Hall and said,

    “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

    This perfectly sums up how to approach your time at OneDigital. Try new things, use your creative mind, learn to open yourself up to all the opportunities you can to fully grasp the OneDigital experience. Do not waste any of your valuable time!

It has only been a few weeks, but we are having a great time this summer interning with OneDigital. The positive and energetic environment we get to be a part of each day is indescribable. OneDigital is a team; it is a family, it is the place to be!