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OneDigital Vermont Back to the [Benefit] Basics: Life, AD&D and Disability, Oh My!

Your employees may be most interested in your health plan, but chances are you offer them some equally valuable benefits in the form of life & disability.

Many Americans have no life or disability insurance other than what is provided by their employer, but offering these crucial benefits brings with it some important considerations: How much life insurance should you offer, and why does it usually reduce when an employee gets to a certain age? What happens to life insurance when an employee goes out on disability? What if an employee terminates employment while waiting for their disability claim to be approved?

These are only a few of the questions employers have about these benefits. Get back to basics in this 90-minute session led by Sena Meilleur, Senior Benefits Consultant, and Mike Verrill from Mutual of Omaha.

This engaging program is ideal for anyone new to benefits, or anyone who needs a refresher on the fundamentals. We can almost guarantee you will learn something new!


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