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OneDigital Wellbeing Leader Featured in HR Florida Review

Too often, wellbeing strategies are the last item on the business leader’s agenda.

Many forward-thinking executives can appreciate the advantages of incorporating a wellbeing initiative into their strategy. Yet, many are at a loss for how to connect overall business goals to wellbeing. OneDigital’s National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing Shira Wilensky shares four aspects that business leaders can focus on as they develop an organization-wide wellbeing approach in the article. HR Florida Review highlights her advice in the recent article, “Your Organization’s Wellbeing Program: It Does More than Just Save Money!

Measure the success of your wellbeing program by how the strategy is contributing to the success of your organization. If your company is focused on growth, design your program to respond to resources and activities that your employees want and value.
Position your health and wellbeing program to solve for your company’s key business objectives. Once you have identified your goals, evaluate the tactics you have in place to see that they tie back to your goals. Any initiatives that are not connected to your goals may need to be discontinued, or your goals may need to be modified. If you have goals in place without any solutions, you may want to expand your health and wellbeing initiatives.
Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing, OneDigital

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