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OneDigital's Chief Growth Officer on Brand Evolution

As the market evolves, entrepreneurs may discover that their business no longer connects with their intended audience as it did before. Restoring that connection could involve minor adjustments or a complete overhaul of the brand to reflect its current identity, mission, and objectives.

In a recent expert panel by Forbes Business Council, OneDigital’s Chief Growth Officer, Mike Sullivan had the opportunity to weigh in on how consistently evolving a brand provides an enhanced opportunity to build better connections with target audiences.

Look Internally. We found during our rebranding process that the degree of introspection needed was much more important than finding a creative team to work with. Making fundamental decisions about who we wanted to be as a company and where we fit in the marketplace became a rallying cry for all that was to follow, and all that eventually became externalized with our new brand.
Mike Sullivan, Chief Growth Officer, OneDigital

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