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OneDigital's Keith Falk Identifies 5 Keys for Flexibility in Feature

Employers have learned many lessons in the nearly three years since remote work went mainstream.

Roughly 1,000 days have passed since the outbreak of covid-19 caused thousands of American businesses to allow remote work for the first time. Despite the relatively successful outcome of this national experiment, many employers are still struggling to find a flexibility formula that satisfies the desire for greater employee autonomy without compromising on important business goals – especially in an environment where extremely high turnover is the norm.

Keith Falk, Regional Managing Director of HR Consulting for OneDigital's West Region, has long been a thought leader on this issue. Keith recently penned an article for’s monthly publication, titled “The Future Of Work: Five Considerations For Flexibility” on HR Strategy and Planning Excellence that discusses best practices for employers who want to get flexibility right:

Look at the demographics of your workforce and understand what your employees want from flexibility. If you’re not sure, ask them! With a multigenerational workforce, one flexible plan may not be the right fit for all your employees. For example, working parents or those caring for aging parents may have different needs than younger generations who have grown up with technology and are used to working remotely. What’s important, however, is to avoid making assumptions, and rather ask your employees directly what they value.
Keith Falk, Regional Managing Director, HR Consulting

You can read Keith’s full article in the November 2022 edition of’s HR Strategy & Planning Excellence publication here.

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