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OneDigital's Lesa Caputo Shares Financial Wellbeing Strategies

Employers today continue to feel the pressure to compete in this job market and tight economic times.

Lesa Caputo, Principal Consultant for OneDigital West Region, recently joined the Santa Barbara News AM 1290 Radio (KZSB Radio) for their HR Minute segment during which she resumed the conversation about the Six Wellbeing and Performance Trends in 2023 based on a guide developed by OneDigital’s Engagement & Wellbeing Team. Lesa mentioned that employees face financial challenges based on what stage they are in their life and career.

A survey conducted for OneDigital clients ranked financial education and programs higher and above other benefits. She reiterates the value of these programs which can include financial wellbeing support for tuition reimbursement, identity theft protection, and proper education for health savings accounts.

As part of Lesa’s partnership with the Santa Barbara Human Resources Association (SBHRA), Lesa has been discussing a series of workplace trends in 2023 with KZSB Radio.

To learn more about how your organization can support and invest in employees while containing organizational costs, read the full Wellbeing and Performance Trends in 2023 guide.