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OneDigital’s President of Retirement + Wealth Featured In WorldAtWork

The coronavirus crisis has created global business disruption, and the financial impact on the United States economy has been severe. With rising unemployment, employee and plan sponsor concerns about retirement are emerging.

That’s why it’s especially important for employers to offer advice and clarity to employees during this time. OneDigital’s President of Retirement and Wealth shares insights with WorldatWork about the best way businesses can approach and address apprehension in the recently published article, “Employers’ Play a Crucial Role in Easing Employee Retirement Concerns.” He stresses the importance of offering resources and counsel to employees and for organizations to review and rethink the retirement plan offerings.

It’s about having empathy and being able to provide reassurance because this has been a tremendous impact globally from a financial and health standpoint. They’re worried about their financial health and the financial impact on their company and whether or not they’ll have a job, so there’s a lot of different concerns out there. Companies should implement a COVID-19 task force internally to create structure around what resources they need to provide their employees.”
— Vince Morris, President of Retirement and Wealth, OneDigital

Read the WorldatWork article here.

For more information on the critical steps businesses can take during this uncertain time, visit our OneDigital Coronavirus Advisory Hub, or reach out to your local OneDigital advisory team. 


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