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OneDigital’s Rebecca Blake and Nancy Saperstone Discuss Eradicating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace with Workforce Magazine

Over the last year, the #MeToo movement has garnered a global response bringing to light the very real problem of harassment and abuse in the workplace.

Although companies may have existing policies in place, employers can no longer assume their workforce is always engaging in acceptable behaviors. Making changes to the overall culture is essential for the successful eradication of harassment but requires several organizational factors in place. Managing Director Rebecca Blake and Senior HR Business Partner and Communications Specialist Nancy Saperstone of OneDigital HR Consulting, discuss how exactly how employers can think strategically about plan surrounding diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace in their byline, “Addressing #MeToo in the Workplace and HR’s Response” published in Workforce Magazine.

Empowerment will only happen if the leadership of an organization embodies its core values and sets an example. Lip service to harassment policies isn’t enough. Employees need to see leadership and HR take action.
— Rebecca Blake, Managing Director, OneDigital HR Consulting
— Nancy Saperstone, Senior HR Business Partner and Communications Specialist, OneDigital HR Consulting

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