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OneDigital’s Top 6 Webinars of 2019

Translating the Latest in Benefits, HR and Compliance

2019 has brought forth hard and fast regulatory changes, new perks for employers to think about when constructing an employee benefits plan, and HR strategies that have the potential for true impact in the workplace. Before jumping headfirst into the rest of 2019, let’s take a moment to revisit some of our top webinars so far this year.

  1. HIPAA Privacy & Security: Understanding the Basics of Complying With Group Health Plans

    Amid the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Phase II audits, it is more important than ever to understand your obligations as a group health plan to comply with HIPAA. While many HIPAA requirements are intuitive, others are not, but the penalty risk for noncompliance is all the same. If you wouldn't be comfortable with your information being handled a certain way, it's probably time to take a look at your company's HIPAA compliance. Watch Now.

  2. Duty of Care: Employer Obligations for a Global Workforce

    “Duty of care" is the obligation of employers to protect the safety of their employees who are traveling for business globally. Business travelers can be put into situations that expose them to a range of health, safety and security hazards. Corporations increase their liability exposure because they have a legal and moral duty of care to every employee. Check out the webinar playback to how to protect your greatest assets, your employees and about the latest in travel risk management. Watch Now.

  3. Cultural Challenges, Diversity & Inclusion: How Can Your Company Benefit?

    Diversity and inclusion are common buzzwords in today's work atmosphere. But what do they really mean? How do they affect current challenges in company culture? Learn how understanding and embracing diversity and inclusion can bring lasting benefits to your company culture. You'll discover new strategies your organization can adopt to help maximize the changing climate in the workforce. Watch Now.

  4. ACA Refresher: Where Do We Stand Post-Reform?

    Two years into the push to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some key features of the monumental Health Care Reform bill are standing strong, while others have been chipped away piece by piece over time. Watch this webinar playback to learn how to comply with existing ACA requirements, what’s changed or been repealed, the new Health Care Reform laws and regulations and the anticipated changes on the horizon. Watch Now.

  5. How Companies Are Affected by Leaves of Absence in 2019

    Leave laws have gained momentum this year and more states and localities are enacting leave protections for workers. Employers are facing challenges accommodating the increase in employee absences as more employees seek flexibility for work/life balance with paid time off programs and take advantage of the continued expansion of federal, state, and local leave of absence programs. Watch this webinar to learn the key federal, state and local leave laws, the top 5 employer leave challenges and how to manage leaves and mitigate risk. Watch Now.

  6. Employee Wellbeing Programs: Dip a Toe or Take the Plunge

    More employers are exploring benefits such as wellness programs, telemedicine, employee assistance programs and on-site clinics. However, the increasing complexity of administering a compliant plan has left some employers feeling like no good deed goes unpunished. This webinar will address how to skillfully navigate the rules and regulations that come along with offering these types of benefits, so your company can continue to offer these valuable programs. Watch Now.

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