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OneDigital Hartord's Take On March Madness

I’m a pretty big fan of the adage “work hard, play hard” and I’m grateful that I can embody that phrase every day at OneDigital Hartford. We’re given a beautiful office to work in and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues that are driven to succeed, but have fun in the process. A recent example of this was our own take on the month-long March Madness tournament.

We all know the typical NCAA March Madness craziness that sweeps every office in the country, however, this year we decided to switch it up. Similar to the March Madness tournament brackets, our version began by drawing 46 employees’ names out of a hat to randomly “seed” everyone #1 through #46. Once each employee had their assigned number, they were bracketed into the following quadrants; “Guinness Giants,” “Boddington Beefcakes,” “Harp Heartbreakers,” and “Smithwick’s Sluggers.”FullSizeRender (4)

Each week, we followed the dates of the actual NCAA basketball games and randomly selected the winner of each bracket to advance to the next round. To keep the momentum going and spark a little friendly competition, employees had the option of wagering bets to increase the probability of their name being selected to win. The money that was raised as a result of the wagers was generously donated by our finalists to a charity of their choice.

The excitement, camaraderie, and rivalry leading up to the drawing every week was contagious. This office-wide event served as a great opportunity to engage and have fun with colleagues during the work day. This friendly competition we devised is just one example of how strengthening employee relations through fun activities leads to inadvertent team-building and better working relationships among co-workers.