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Privacy Roadmap: Your Guide to CPRA and Business Compliance

The number of privacy regulations and compliance requirements are being implemented at an unprecedented rate.

The recent vote to amend California’s privacy laws with the Consumer Privacy Rights Act adds a new layer of obligations for for-profit organizations doing business in California that meets their set criteria.

Led by compliance experts, Vathana Sivanesan and Jamie Webb-Akasaka, this employer advisory session breaks down the CPRA compliance obligations to provide employers with the necessary guidance to keep up with the rapidly changing requirements.

Now available on demand, playback this employer advisory session to walk away with practical action items and a better understanding of the following areas:

  • Understand whether the CPRA's requirements apply to your business.
  • Learn about the fundamental requirements for CPRA compliance in the employment context.
  • Learn how to create and follow a roadmap for CPRA compliance.