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Protecting What Matters Most by Offering Disability Benefits

Health insurance only covers medical costs when an employee is faced with a serious illness or injury, not the loss of income.

Without a paycheck, a serious health problem or injury can be financially devastating. Offering disability insurance can be the most cost-effective way to provide your employees and their families the peace of mind during a time of need.

The possibility of becoming disabled is very real for working Americans, and so are the financial consequences and costs associated with employee absence. Having adequate savings account to cover these unexpected expenses is difficult to obtain, therefore when savings is not always enough, disability benefits help cover what matters most.

Unless offered through their employer, most adults have little, if any, disability insurance coverage. For employers, lost time on the job due to a disability can significantly impact workplace productivity and profitability. Disability coverage is one of the most affordable and valuable employee benefits offered, regardless of company size.

Consider these statistics:

Additionally, 47% of survey employees understand their company’s disability offerings. This number drops even lower among the millennial generation. OneDigital can design a simple plan that is flexible enough to meet your group’s needs and budget. We have exclusive rate guarantees, premium discounts and in some cases assured minimum coverage amounts due to our close relationships with top insurance companies. We can also help you with communicating these products and their importance to your employees when it comes time to enroll.

Contact your OneDigital consultant to discuss how we can help you protect your employees’ incomes and families.