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Ready, Set, Enroll! Navigate Passive and Active Open Enrollments

Open enrollment can be challenging for employers and employees alike.

In fact, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) did not feel confident they understood everything they signed up for after their most recent benefits enrollment. How employers handle the open enrollment process affects how engaged and informed their employees will be about their benefits for the upcoming year.

With the constant changes in the benefits space, it’s vital for employers to understand how to strategically approach open enrollment. What’s the best approach? Is it active or passive enrollment? This decision will influence the effectiveness and open enrollment experience that empowers your employees to feel confident in their benefits.

View the employer advisory session, Ready, Set, Enroll! Navigate Passive and Active Open Enrollments as our leaders discuss:

  • Open Enrollment for a hybrid workforce
  • Overview of Active and Passive Enrollment: Is one approach better?
  • Improving Employee Experience and Utilization through Open Enrollment



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