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Sara Tarca Featured in Connecticut Banker's Association Newsletter Discussing How to Navigate Wellbeing Solutions

Who doesn’t love the idea of a compass? A simple tool for guiding someone home or providing a navigational pull to somewhere new and unfamiliar. However, we may be more familiar now with electronic GPS—a Global Positioning System—than a compass or wrinkled, paper map. Either way, old or new, these are comforting tools that can guide us when we find ourselves in new territory. In today’s work environment, many employers need just such a tool, due to the uncertainty of how to navigate a changed work landscape.

OneDigital Connecticut's Sara Tarca, Regional Practice Lead, Wellbeing Strategy and Solutions, was featured in the latest Quarterly Newsletter from the Connecticut Bankers Association discussing the core components in a strategic plan to get financial service teams back on the road to a well and thriving workforce, specifically in the banking industry.

According to Gallup, employee wellbeing is a top concern for financial service leaders due to a variety of factors, which have been compounded in recent years. And, while we now have firsthand knowledge of stress brought on by the pandemic, banking had already emerged as an industry at risk for mental health concerns prior to 2020. It would make sense then, that a tool for “global positioning” in the workplace is critical for organizations looking to make impact and truly support the needs of their workforce."

To read the entire article, access the Connecticut Banker's Association Quarterly Newsletter here.

To learn more about supporting your employee's wellbeing, tune in to our advisory session "Building a Resilient Business and Workforce Through Financial Wellbeing."