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SBHRA Insurance Academy | Maximizing HSAs To Improve Employee Financial Health & Wellbeing [California]

Business Journals reports that over 76 percent of millennials eligible for an HSA have enrolled in one. The appeal of traditional benefits and plans is changing and it's time to maximize the power of an excellent HSA program.

Employees can rely on health savings accounts (HSAs) for future health needs, but the benefits and value of HSAs do not stop there. HSAs are triple tax-advantaged meaning: your money is deposited pre-tax, your money can grow tax-free, and your money is not taxed when you spend it on eligible expenses. By getting the most out of their HSAs, employees can thrive and improve their financial health and wellbeing which leads to higher employee retention and engagement.

Watch this on-demand SBHRA Insurance Academy Webinar to learn three ways you can help your employees:

  • Better understand the value of HSAs
  • Manage their health costs with the use of their HSAs
  • Understand how HSAs can be a savings vehicle to support their financial wellbeing for the long-term

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WEX is a global, financial technology company that operates in 3 main segments: Fleet, Travel & Corporate Payments, and Health.

WEX supports HSA, FSA, Commuter, HRA, and Lifestyle reimbursement administration for employers and their members participating in these tax advantaged accounts.

Watch our Set Up a Tax-Advantaged HSA in Five Minutes Coffee Break video for more HSA tips.