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Sean Nehlsen Talks to SHRM About Tailored Benefits for Boomers Easing Into Retirement

As the rate of retiring Baby Boomers increases, employers are faced with a variety of challenges.

Besides the loss of knowledge and skills that occur when valued workers depart, it can be detrimental for both parties when the opposite happens and employees who may need to retire, delay the process. More often, organizations are less prepared to handle the former and experience a drain on expertise and talent.

Regional Managing Director Sean Nehlsen at OneDigital Cleveland talks to SHRM about various ways to address the needs of older workers, by bringing in financial planning experts or encouraging a slower transition into retirement with part-time arrangements in the recent article, “Targeted Benefits Help Baby Boomers Stay at Work, Prepare to Retire.” In the second piece of a three-part series on the aging workforce, Sean offers advice for employers to facilitate the retirement process to make progression as beneficial as possible for all involved.

Many older workers facing the same types of issues can benefit from the support of their colleagues. Employers can bring in an expert each month to talk about relevant topics, such as wellness or financial literacy, which are important for pre-retirement planning.
One of the most important benefits an employer can offer older workers is a legal-benefits plan that provides employees with legal advice and representation for personal legal matters, such as wills and estate planning and preparations for eldercare. These are all essential matters for older workers.
Sean Nehlsen, Regional Managing Director, OneDigital Cleveland

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