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Sena Meilleur Featured in BenefitsPRO Article on Containing Health Costs

It's no secret that American healthcare is prohibitively expensive, with employers footing enormous bills for medical expenses incurred by their employees.

Fortunately, OneDigital Vermont's Managing Principal Sena Meilleur has come to the rescue with a raft of actionable cost containment policies that can be adopted by business and HR leaders at all types of organizations. In a wide-ranging conversation with BenefitsPRO, Sena touched upon everything from healthcare price transparency legislation to reference-based pricing to self-funded plans:

As long as employers stay in a fully-insured health plan, they can expect to see annual increases in the range of 6-7% as of 2022. If employers help their employees be healthier and manage their conditions, they may experience lower increases in general, but it will be hard to tie their efforts to a significant cost reduction. For employers who truly want to tackle their health care spend and try to contain it, self-funding is the best avenue, assuming it is financially feasible for them.
Sena Meilleur, Managing Principal, OneDigital Vermont

You can read the full BenefitsPRO article here.

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