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Shira Wilensky Discusses Budget-Friendly Wellness Policies in Spiceworks Article

Across the country, employers are caught between the conflicting demands of a sluggish economy and a red-hot labor market.

This unusual situation is pushing many to wonder how they can do more with less: with many organizations prioritizing cost containment, is it possible for HR leaders to continue improving offerings, boosting employee wellbeing, and attracting or retaining top talent?

In an article published on the website of IT company Spiceworks, OneDigital Health & Wellbeing National Practice Leader Shira Wilensky tackles that very question. Titled “Key Benefits Strategies to Boost Employee Wellbeing,” Shira’s post discusses the negative wellbeing impacts that can result from economic uncertainty, covers methods for maximizing the impact of existing benefit offerings, and suggests creative ways that organizations can improve their employee experience without breaking the bank.

“For employers who cannot squeeze any additional investments into the budget for 2023, do not underestimate the value and impact of focusing on your policies, environment, and culture. Employees can benefit financially from policies such as flexible schedules and maternity/paternity leave. Mental health can be improved by an environment that encourages employees to unplug from emails after hours and on vacation.
Many might argue where to draw the line regarding employers’ responsibility to take care of employee wellbeing. But the more employers invest in their people, the more loyalty and better performance they are likely to get out of their people.”
Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing

You can read the full article here.

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