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Shira Wilensky Featured in HRO Today Roundup on 2023 Business Challenges

New year, same employee wellbeing concerns.

At the end of 2022, HRO Today sat down with several prominent HR executives and asked them what sorts of challenges they expected employers to grapple with in 2023. Their answers, which revolved around inflation, recession, retention, and engagement, often sounded as if they could have been copied and pasted from a year earlier.

This indicates that, for better or worse, the extremely dynamic challenges of 2020 and 2021 have been replaced with a set of intractable, long-term issues that thousands of employers are still struggling to address. One of these issues is the mental health of remote workers, which is what OneDigital’s National Health & Wellbeing Practice Leader Shira Wilensky chose to discuss in her conversation with the outlet.

Shira focused on the multifaceted nature of mental health, the difficulty of forming meaningful connections in a fully-remote environment, and the tangible business impacts that can result when employers are unable to effectively address these issues:

Companies are acknowledging that poor employee well-being is a problem for their business. Employees that are struggling are less productive and more likely to leave and certainly don’t contribute to a positive work environment.
— Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing

Read the full HRO today article here.

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