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Strategic Partnerships: Our History of Growth

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for the privilege of serving their clients through the years. We truly value their trust, confidence and partnership. For 10+ years, many of the largest insurance firms in the country have placed their trust in our ability to protect their brand and serve their clients. As partners, they have relied on OneDigital to effectively manage their clients. By doing so, they have optimized staffing and resources, while at the same time enhanced their revenue opportunity on larger accounts.

Our partners continue to reaffirm that a partnership with OneDigital has allowed them to enhance their overall growth, through segmentation of clients and the realignment of resources. Partners continue to expand their business with us; raising revenue thresholds while allowing OneDigital to serve even larger clients. Many partners have taken the revenue threshold up to $10,000 and/or up to 50 employees. Since we have local consultants in 60+ markets across the country, we can effectively manage clients (i.e. clients with 10 or more employees) on a personal, face to face basis. Clients with fewer than 10 employees are centrally managed from our Atlanta location, by our Small Business Select team. To give you further perspective, we’d like to share some metrics:

As of January, 2016:

• We are working with more than 350 partner locations across the country
• We serve more than 35,000 clients
• We have consistently delivered a retention level above 90% year in and year out

We continue to invest in products, services and technology platforms, most recently announcing our strategic investment/partnership with GoCo, a company specializing in the development and deployment of benefit administration software, specifically for small groups. GoCo is meant to ease the burden associated with the ongoing management of benefit plans, payroll integration and HR services; i.e. employee onboarding. We look forward to sharing more information on how this platform can ease the administrative burden for clients.

We have recently introduced new ways to engage the Sales Desk Team to support growth through new sales opportunities using dedicated email, OneDigital Link (formerly DI Link), texting and a dedicated toll free phone number. As we continue to grow we will to look for new, innovative opportunities that will increase our national footprint, as well as bring enhanced revenue to our partners.


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  1. Nathan Hockley Partner Hockley and O'Donnell
    April 3, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Would like to discuss partnership opportunities in Central Pa. I can be reached at 717-891-8120. Thanks Nate

  2. We are a small plan retirement TPA in Clearwater.
    Got out of Medical benefits in 2011.
    Getting back in and looking for someone to hook up with.
    Mostly sell through Brokers.

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