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The OneDigital Story: A History Of Innovation

Founded in 2000 during the “dot-com” era, the original OneDigital concept was to sell insurance online to employers using an online experience. Before long, we realized that this idea was ahead of where the employer market was and that technology was not yet the right solution to the health insurance and employee benefits sales and service experience. In August of 2016, we reintroduced ourselves as "OneDigital," and while our name remained “OneDigital” the technology we built remained largely in the background, creating tremendous efficiency for our business and enabling us to deliver customer service through our team of seasoned account managers more efficiently and with great results.

As word travels fast in the benefits business, we learned the “OneDigital model” we had built had great appeal to P&C and other agencies that had generated a number of employee benefits customers, but little corresponding revenue and profit (also known as “doing a lot of work for little money”.) In the course of just a few years we signed on 50 agencies, including some of the largest in the country, to deploy our account managers, business processes and technology to the benefit of their employee benefits practices. Today, we proudly have 400 partnership locations leveraging our services to the benefit of their clients!

While OneDigital’s growth during our first 8 years was fueled by delivering outstanding service to other agencies in the small group market we have methodically moved into the middle market segment by buying and by acquiring some of the finest middle market firms and professionals in the country. By collaborating with these new partners, we have focused on building unique and creative solutions for middle market customers. We have expanded our partnership business so that other agencies can leverage our talented consultants, deploy our customer service teams, and use our proprietary solution sets for customers of all sizes.

Today, OneDigital is the nation’s largest stand-alone employee benefits agency, leading the benefits industry into the future with a continued focus on what has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the history of our business: Partnership and innovation. We will continue to develop proprietary products, enhance our technology, and growing by way of new agency partnerships and acquisitions. These actions will help us deliver value to employers and their employees far into the future.


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