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Thanksgiving Reflections - Giving Back Around the Holidays

As we approach Thanksgiving and begin to think about all for which we are thankful, I'd like to suggest that we also open our minds to how we can be "Thanks-Givers."

Do you have a friend or neighbor who's lost someone close to them recently or is approaching the anniversary of the loss of a loved one? How about a family member who is struggling with life challenges? Or a co-worker who has financial issues due to unforeseen circumstances? How can we have a positive effect on them?
We also need to consider our clients when thinking about how we can give of our time and/or resources. Participating in a food drive or another cause that one of our clients is sponsoring can go a long way in showing that we care and can serve to help build better relationships with them when we show our personal values. You can tell so much about someone by the way they prioritize their time and money. We make time for whatever is most important to us.
This time of year is especially challenging for those of us in the insurance industry. Need I say more than "4th quarter"? If we organize our time and are intentional about the way we spend it, we can still be Thanks-Givers this year. Here are some ideas to help you give back this Thanksgiving.

Being intentional about the way we run our business is one of the ways we become successful, so why not also be intentional about how we spend our time in our personal lives?

Take a few minutes at the end of each day between now and the end of the year to organize the following day. Be sure to include time to write a note to someone to drop in the mail, pick up groceries or a meal for a family in need or to make a quick phone call to let someone know you're thinking about them. Those nuggets of thoughtfulness when a friend or acquaintance has done this for me in the past are permanently etched in my memory. Why wouldn't I want to make sure to include the same thoughtfulness during my busiest time of the year?
We know we need to lead balanced lives, and when we think about how we can do this better, many of those thoughts are self-centered, not including others in our lives. However, if you think about times when you've felt the most personally satisfied, I believe that you'll remember occasions when you were able to help someone else. Giving for most can be more personally satisfying than receiving.

The holidays are difficult for so many of us, and getting our minds off ourselves to bless others in some way will help us be Thanks-Givers.

Now go out and show your family, friends and clients that you care!
Looking for ways to incorporate employee engagement through giving back? Reach out to your OneDigital consultant for fresh thinking ideas.