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The American Health Care Crisis: Looking Behind the Curtain of a Broken System

Health care costs continue to rise for employees and business leaders, but is anyone really benefiting from their benefits besides the insurance carriers, drug manufacturers and hospitals?

Health care costs aren’t just impacting your bottom line—they’re eating into your employees' wages and overall satisfaction. Wouldn’t you rather reinvest that money into your business and your people instead of continuing to waste it on a system that’s working against you?

Tune into this episode of Bold Intentions, OneDigital’s podcast series, for a compelling discussion with Executive Vice President of Organic Growth Chris Thurin. Chris is joined by OneDigital Pharmacy Consulting Chief Clinical Officer Jeff Post and WellNet Healthcare Chief Executive Officer Keith Lemer. The health care experts discuss several key drivers that impact today’s health care crisis, specifically what makes the system challenging to navigate, standardize, pay for and fix.

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