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The Healthcare System Is Rigged Against Your Company

Spending more on healthcare is destroying your business. Healthcare costs are up 200% since 2000, but who is really benefitting from the escalating costs? The U.S. spends nearly three times on healthcare per capita compared to other nations; yet does not see increased outcomes. Now is the time to look into the broken healthcare system, how it’s damaging your business, and learn how you as an employer can take back control.

The status quo system is engineered to confuse you and has three primary components.

  • The health systems, which often over-charge and conceal important data from you, all under the guise of “patient privacy” and moral superiority.
  • Insurance carriers often inflate costs to increase profits for everyone but you.
  • The “Status Quo” broker has been known to present themselves as looking out for your best interest, while getting an annual raise as your costs go up while your employee’s benefits go down.

These players arbitrarily set costs for health care (with little to no transparency), only involving patients and employers when it is time to foot the bill. The result: rising costs on a top three business expense line item with little or no return on that investment.To further the damage, your employees, often unknowing of these dynamics, feel neglected by you when benefits diminish or are eliminated. This destroys loyalty and retention.

At OneDigital, We See Things Differently

It is wrong and unfair that smart, bright and successful business leaders are being misled and intentionally confused. An employer’s benefits program should, by design, fuel both talent acquisition and talent retention. In other words, a benefits program should treat employees like customers; it should be an investment with a return, not an expense.

Our Process

We will walk you through our results driven process which consists of:

    1. Starting with a fully comprehensive assessment of your HR/Benefits program (IMPORTANT: these two functions are symbiotic in nature and must be addressed this way). We will ask you to share your pain points…specifically.
    2. Combining what we learn from your situation and incorporate it with what we know and have implemented for other employers like you, to create a customized and comprehensive plan for your organization.
    3. Once the plan has been finalized and agreed upon, our team will provide a turn-key deployment that leverages technology to save time and money, maximize effectiveness, and involves all your people in the process. This creates a positive employee experience, increasing their ownership, understanding, and appreciation of what you are making available to them.
    4. By identifying and establishing key metrics at the outset, our process is held accountable. Gauging these metrics help us make ongoing corrections and adjustments to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your new program…and leverage the greatest return possible.

At OneDigital, we align our incentives with yours. Our long-term relationship is sustained solely on mutual trust and our ability to deliver KPI results to your organization and your people. For this reason, we require no contracts or long-term commitments.Most importantly, with the tools, technologies and benefits to win the war for talent, EVERYONE WINS.

For more information and to craft a strategy that fits your unique needs and discuss the American Healthcare Crisis further, contact your OneDigital consultant.