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Time And Again, It's Our People Who Define The OneDigital Experience

We're in the midst of a campaign to assess whether we are meeting our client's needs though a satisfaction survey, so I've been think a lot about customer satisfaction and what makes an experience that an OneDigital client has with us a positive one. Is it our resources? Our timeliness? Our dedication to innovation and thought leadership? Sure--those things all come into play, but in the end what it really is about is our people.

Bill Carew has said that what defines the OneDigital experience for most of our clients is our people. According to some recent survey results, I'd say his sentiment is on the mark.

Whether our people are jumping in to facilitate open enrollment, managing a COBRA issue, or helping to provide a financial analysis of cost trend--its the people who execute these things that make the client experience a rewarding one.

OneDigital is more than just an organization that manages employee benefit plans. We are strategists, enthusiasts, humanitarians, and detectives. A dynamic group of people who all share a passion for helping people. Sure--we can educate you on Health Care Reform, Self-Funding, COBRA, Workforce Health and Compliance. But we are so much more than that. What we bring to the table is a dedication to helping you meet the needs of your employees as if it was our own company to run.

The responses to our Customer Satisfaction Survey continue to come in, and we continue to be struck by how often mention is made of how our employees work hand-in-hand not only to support our clients with their benefit strategies, but also how they lead those strategies. You shouldn't have to tell your broker what you want--they should understand you well enough to tell you what you need before you even know yourself. We strive for that each day, in each client interaction and not just when open enrollment season comes around the bend. That's what makes the OneDigital experience unique--people who guide, support and lead.