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OneDigital's Top 10 Blog Posts From 2016

Fresh thinking is the fabric of OneDigital, and as the benefits landscape continues to evolve, it pays to have an insider perspective from our experts across the country. Check out our ten most popular blog posts from 2016.


1.) Expectations Of President-elect Trump And The 115th Congress

As I watched the state-by-state results of the 2016 Presidential Election roll in, I realized that this, like all elections, was history in the making. Americans passionately turned out in record-breaking numbers and stood in long lines to cast their vote in one of the most emotionally-charged and closest races in history. Whether you were a proponent of either, or neither, of the Presidential candidates it is clear that America has spoken. Click here to read more...

2.) Updated Overtime Regulations Effective December 1, 2016

Effective December 1, 2016, new Department of Labor (DOL) rules define the overtime exemption thresholds for “white collar workers”. This update, resulting from the President’s 2014 request, provides employers with new guidelines to determine whether an employee working overtime hours must be paid at time-and-a-half for any hours exceeding 40 hours. Click here to read more...

3.) Overtime Rule: District Court Blocks December 1 Implementation

On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, a federal judge in Texas granted a preliminary injunction halting the implementation of the new overtime rule due to go into effect on December 1. In response to the Department of Labor’s (DOL) extension of the overtime eligibility rule this past May, 21 states and a number of business associations filed suit challenging that this extension bases eligibility for overtime solely on the salary level and not the type of work actually performed. Click here to read more...

4.) Congressional Action Allows Some Employers To Reimburse Individual Health Premiums

A new law marks the end of the Affordable Care Act’s prohibition against an employer reimbursing his or her employees for the premium cost of individual health insurance. Click here to read more...

5.) A State-By-State Guide To Employee Voter Leave

As the 2016 presidential election draws near, employers need to be aware of their obligations and the voting rights of employees. While there is no federal law which requires employers to provide paid or unpaid time off to employees to vote during working hours, there are 31 states with voter leave laws. Click here to read more...

6.) Minding Your Metabolism: Can You Avoid Middle-Age Spread?

As you age, you may notice you have less muscle and energy and more fat. Carrying those extra pounds may be harming your health. It’s easy to be confused by advice about diet and exercise, but they’re key to avoiding weight gain as you get older. Click here to read more..

7.) Employer Notice Package

To help ease your notice distribution process, OneDigital Health and Benefits has developed an Employer Notice Package that includes the health and welfare notices applicable to most group health plan sponsors and employers. Click here to read more...

8.) Quarterly Employer Compliance Checklist: 4th Quarter (2016)

With all of the healthcare regulations employers must follow, it can be easy to forget some year-end reporting and disclosures that apply to group health plans. To help you tackle the various requirements, we have compiled a compliance checklist to guide you through the fourth quarter. For questions or concerns, contact a OneDigital advisor. Click here to read more...

9.) 4 Benefits Trends To Watch In 2017: An Insider Perspective

Consolidation continues to be a reality in every facet of the healthcare, health insurance, and employee benefits space. This expectation played a major role in our organization’s growth as we worked to find like-minded partners to bring into the OneDigital family, including several brokers, and a human capital solutions division. Click here to read more...

10.) How The 2016 Presidential Election Could Impact Our Healthcare System

The first presidential debate may be over; however the analysis and predictions regarding its impact are only beginning. A variety of topics were discussed, yet there was one topic that was glaringly absent — health insurance. A recent Pew Research poll identifies the top issues for voters in the 2016 election. Healthcare is nearly the third most important issue the nation is concerned about, yet the topic failed to make the agenda for the first debate. Click here to read more...


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