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Top 4 Human Resources Trends Tipping the Scale in 2018

A Look at How the Human Resources Industry Can Stay Ahead of the Curve

For Human Resource professionals and leaders of tomorrow, the roles and responsibilities show no signs of slowing down in 2018. With the rising demand for immediacy, efficiency, and overall consistency from HR organizations across the globe, it's no surprise that HR groups are racing to revamp their practices to keep pace with the latest business requirements and expectations.

The trends garnering the most interest on the radar for 2018 are expected to ultimately affect the bottom line, disrupting the HR landscape as we know it.

Here are 4 trends to expect in the coming year:

  1. Brand and Culture

    If we learned nothing else in 2017, it’s that having a healthy work environment that supports a strong company culture is crucial to securing a reputable brand.

    This became blatantly evident last year as we witnessed big-name companies crash and burn at the hands of sexual harassment allegations, resulting in tarnished brands that failed to withstand their loss in value.

    This year, HR leaders and their teams, are forecasted to ramp up organizational culture efforts.

    This means partnering with senior-level management to reexamine what culture should look like (compared with how it currently functions) and develop a strategic plan to reinforce company values that are critical to your organization’s success.

    Teams can anticipate making changes to how they provide and ensure the following:

    • Ongoing learning and training
    • Empowerment and utilization of teams
    • Clear definition of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
    • Company ethics, beliefs and values are defined, understood and practiced

  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Robots haven’t quite taken over the workplace. However, companies are jumping at the opportunity to invest in adaptive-learning programming to tackle complex practices that would otherwise take an unthinkable amount of time and manpower to complete.
    You can expect AI to take on major roles in 2018, revolutionizing key dimensions of HR, like talent acquisition, onboarding, retention and training.

    With the assistance of AI, employees can look forward to the following:

    • Programs that read and evaluate applicants in record time—making the pool of highly qualified candidates smaller and easier to analyze
    • Differentiated onboarding procedures for all new-hires based on their positions
    • Self-analyzing software that determines employee satisfaction, engagement and answers FAQs in real time
    • Smart systems that plan and coordinate training programs to fit the preferences of the individual employee

  5. Investing in People

    Today, companies are focusing on the overall employee experience more than ever before. This is largely due to the competitive job market and the fight for top talent. And it doesn’t stop at the recruitment of qualified talent, but also means developing a plan to retain the talent once onboarded.

    Deloitte suggests HR leaders consider the following augmentations to their strategies:

    • Reskill existing employees and build a new generation of leadership
    • Engage the more senior ‘tenured’ professionals in the company
    • Modernize performance management, rewards, wellbeing, and engagement programs

  7. Digital Ecosystems

    We hinted earlier about a technological takeover with AI. However, the inclusion of technology in HR delves deeper than AI alone. HR teams are doing away with much of its out-of-date, paper-based systems and turning to a digital, mobile-based system.

    Going forward, most HR teams are going to see an increase in the use of automated services that remove the heavy workload from administrators and offers employees’ ease of access to almost any piece of information from anywhere in the world as long as there is access to the internet.

    These systems will automatically sync themselves, completely eliminating the need to manually update employee benefits information across platforms.
    That includes access to employee data, updates to address, benefits, payroll, time off request, and more.

Staying afloat in 2018 will require HR professionals to embrace the change ahead and learn to leverage these new systems. The best strategy is going to be organizing teams to establish a closer relationship with senior management to anticipate development needs.

To find out more about how additional HR trends or how to best incorporate any of these into your benefits design strategy, contact your OneDigital representative today.


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