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Utilize Your Wellness Program to Attract and Retain Top Talent

With the record low unemployment and an upswing in the labor market across the country, it’s safe to say it’s an employees’ market.

Now more than ever, we as employers must think critically about what we are doing to keep our best employees engaged and committed to our organization in order to attract and retain top talent.

A highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow.
Gallup Research Center

While opinions vary, a good working definition for employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. Gallup asserts that only three in 10 employees are engaged at work and one-quarter of employees are at high risk for turnover. The statistics speak for themselves. Keep your employees engaged or lose them to the highest bidder.

One natural place to begin building engagement and affinity with employees is through the strategic development of your company wellness program. A commitment to building a supportive, positive culture that considers employees’ physical, emotional and financial health can be a powerful strategy to begin boosting employee engagement.

Start the New Year off right by taking a close look at your company’s wellness program and solidify your organization’s focus on a healthy, happy workplace. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Administer a baseline survey to assess employees’ physical activity levels, dietary preferences and interest in health and wellness options. Use survey results to build your wellness program.

  2. Identify a senior leader who will support and participate in your wellness program to demonstrate the importance of making health and wellness a priority. Gaining buy-in from the top down is an effective way to implement widespread change quickly and strategically.

  3. Reward employees for healthy behaviors and results. Find out what motivates your employees, whether that’s recognition, personal time off, cash or prizes and utilize incentives to drive healthy behaviors.

  4. Be transparent with employees about why your organization promotes health. Is promoting wellness part of your organization’s core values? Is creating a healthy workforce important to achieving your organization’s goals? Defining high-level goals and connecting them back to your corporate message will encourage buy-in at all levels.

  5. Communicate effectively and often. Use a variety of messaging channels including email, newsletters, intranet and social media. Communicate frequently to increase awareness and ongoing participation and vary the messaging, so it doesn’t become overwhelming or stale.

To learn more about best practices for creating and fostering a workplace of wellbeing to attract and retain top talent, connect with your OneDigital Health and Wellbeing Consultant for support.


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