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Wait...So You Don't Love Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment can be a very hectic time for everyone. From planning and communications to activation and evaluation, it's a year-round endeavor for you and your team.

According to Guardian's Workplace Benefits Study, 3 out of 5 employers say managing their benefits program has become increasingly complex. And if they are finding it difficult, imagine what your employees are feeling.

Spencer Sanz, Account Executive over at JellyVision, joins us to talk about how we can make Open Enrollment more effective and engaging year-round. From best practices surrounding communication timelines, dropping the HR jargon and the big shift to digital channels, Spencer has a lot of great advice on making Open Enrollment something you and your employees are excited about rather than dreading. Whether you are in the middle of Open Enrollment or are prepping for the coming months, this is a great episode filled with actionable items to implement at your organization.

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