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Want To Be A Better Leader? Focus On Trust

When I think about the people in my life who epitomize the word leadership—I don't think about people standing behind podiums giving motivational speeches, or individuals running companies behind boardroom doors, or amazingly intelligent people who stun me with their vision. I think about the people who are in a position of influence that have left an impact on my life and whom I trust.

Leaders are found everywhere you look—and yet true leaders—the ones who can look over their shoulder and see a team behind them ready to follow them onto the playing field all have one thing in common—trust.

Trust is intertwined with leadership—and I believe that understanding how to inspire and motivate the people around you to charge onto the field and make a vision a reality is based in their ability to trust you.  If it’s true that trust goes hand in hand with leadership—ask yourself—do the people I lead trust me? Am I an effective leader? And how do I build trust?

I read a compelling article on LinkedIn recently titled “How to Build Relationships of Trust” by Andreas von der Heydt, Director of Kindle Content Acquisition at Amazon. The piece resonated with me because much of what he wrote about was right in line with how we try to build a culture of trust within OneDigital.

If you read hvon der Heydt's article you can also see how it is aligns with the OneDigital Way--our organization's set of guiding principles. The OneDigital Way represents the fabric that ties us together—our code of conduct, if you will. That code, however simple—is absolutely crucial to our ability to lead—to lead ourselves, our colleagues, our departments, our clients and our prospects. So while much of what von der Heydt writes feels like common sense—sometimes a simple reminder like his can reinvigorate our commitment to being better leaders—I know it did for me. You can read his article here.