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Group Health Plan Mandates Alphabet Soup

MHPAEA, CHIPRA, NMHPA, WHCRA, USERRA, and QMCSO: These are not just a random assortment of letters, but instead important laws that apply to group health plans.

The better-known laws in this compliance alphabet soup, such as HIPAA, COBRA, ACA, and ERISA, get far more attention. Employers should not overlook these lesser known laws.

View the webinar recording above to learn about the following:

  • Legal Requirements of Mental Health Parity – MHPAEA
  • Protections for Newborns and their Mothers – NMHPA
  • Women’s Health and Cancer Rights – WHCRA
  • Enrollment Opportunities for Dependent Children – CHIPRA & QMCSO
  • Protections for U.S. Military Service Members - USERRA

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