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What Role will Financial Wellness Play in the Future of Employee Benefits?

A recent study by PWC shows that 78% of employees reported being financially stressed.

When this number of employees are stressed at work it can bring down productivity significantly. With financial wellness solutions, you can dramatically impact the financial lives of your employees. Brandon Cutler, Lead Mentor at One Digital Retirement + Wealth, went on the “Outcomes Podcast with Ross Marino” To discuss the importance of financial wellness, and its role it will have in the future when it comes to employee benefits and retirement conversations.

History shows where we are at in the financial wellness area. There are a lot of staggering statistics to where people are struggling. If we do not start with financial wellness, we are starting on rocky grounds in the first place. We are not building a strong foundation. A good foundation is going to make it stable for every single person.

For me, this is very serious. This is something that I love. I wake up every morning and enjoy this. It flows in my veins. I feel like the importance of this is not only going to help that person, but we are talking generation upon generation of being able to put a person in a better financial situation, that they have never been in before. In reality, I personally do not know what is worse. Going towards a goal and never reaching it or reaching it and losing it. That is both spectrums of people we talk with, and we need to be there for them.

People work hard for their money. We want to be able to educate them on different ways to manage it.
— Brandon Cutler, Lead Mentor, One Digital Retirement + Wealth

Listen to the Podcast here.

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