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What You Gain When You Give Back

Every year, the OneDigital Connecticut office selects a non-profit client to support beyond our broker services by volunteering a ‘day of service’ to them. OneDigital as a whole has a proud history of community support and in Connecticut, we are always happy to do our part. In the wake of recent tragedies in our country and around the world, it is important not to overlook organizations that support those who are not always able to support themselves. This year the Connecticut team volunteered our day of service at Alzheimer’s Resource Center of Connecticut.

Alzheimer’s Resource Center began as one of the few non-profit providers focused exclusively on caring for individuals at all stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, as well as offering information and guidance to help families who are caring for a person with dementia at home. Alzheimer's Resource Center strives to provide valuable support to individuals affected by early memory loss and help them sustain their independence through services tailored to their needs.

Our volunteer day began with a warm greeting from the president and CEO of Alzheimer’s Resource Center, welcoming us to their campus and thanking us for our commitment to them as a client. The OneDigital team was then separated into groups to divide and conquer the assigned tasks. Alzheimer’s Resource Center has a beautiful, sprawling campus and our main focus of the day was landscaping. Our teams got to work planting bulbs for spring, trimming branches, weeding, raking leaves, and general terrain maintenance. Fortunately, the weather could not have been better and our spirits were high.

In addition to our volunteer activities, we use this day to take a step back from our hectic schedules and grow as a team outside of the office.

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day work load and lose sight of why we are even doing the work we do: to enhance the lives of our clients and their employees.

Through activities like our day of service, mindfulness seminar and our ongoing wellness programs, we know the value of taking a moment away from our busy schedules at work and at home to be present, regenerate, and give back.

The goal of our time spent at Alzheimer’s Resource Center was to help enhance the experience of their clients and staff and in turn the OneDigital team was able to recharge and rev up the inspiration to continue to provide an exceptional experience to our clients.