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We believe that the healthcare industry’s status quo attitude represents a threat to business growth and people potential.

For over two decades, we’ve been leveling the playing field, relentlessly challenging the industry to provide our customers and their people with relevant and competitive workforce benefits.


We help employers pull two key levers to gain back control of their business results and their people potential.

The first is recognizing that the health care system is built to benefit anyone but individuals and employers and learning how to take back control. The second lever is understanding how employee benefits must be modernized and made more relevant to include the entire person.


The health care system has a stranglehold on American businesses and families.

The unsustainable and unprecedented rising cost of health care impedes organizations' ability to turn a fair profit and provide fair wage increases to employees. But is anyone really benefiting from your benefits besides the insurance carriers, drug manufacturers and hospitals? Wouldn’t you rather reinvest that money in your business and your people instead of continuing to fuel strategies that are working against you?

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Health care costs are projected to account for one-fifth of GDP by 2026.

Rising health care costs and stagnant wages mean employees and businesses are taking on a greater share of the burden.


An employee’s financial situation and stress level is impacting your bottom line.

During the last year, workplaces have been forced to change, making employees more stressed than ever before. The stress they’re feeling is taking a toll on productivity, engagement and retention and creates an ongoing cycle manifesting poorer health outcomes and higher costs. What if you could mitigate the costs of disengagement and turnover while simultaneously helping employees live their best lives?

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With employee engagement inextricably linked to physical and financial matters, and disengaged employees costing organizations as much as $3,400 for every $10,000 in annual salary, it underlines the value of a holistic approach to the workforce strategy.

The workforce of the past will no longer suffice.

It’s time to break free from the stranglehold of a broken one-sided benefits system and eliminate the divided approach to workforce management. Join us on a new, better path forward—and empower your people to not just do their best work, but to live their best lives.

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