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COVID-19 Furloughs, Layoffs & Leaves: How It Affects Your Employee’s Health Benefits

As COVID-19 continues to test our economy, many employers are being forced to make the difficult decision to layoff employees and institute furloughs or other temporary leaves of absence. A unique challenge with this public health emergency is how these layoffs and furloughs impact employee’s benefits, which are essential to combating the spread of the virus. Several existing employee benefits laws and regulations guide the decision-making process for offering benefits during a layoff, furlough or other leave of absence.


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COVID-19 Employer Advisory Session: How Employers Can Make the Most of a 2 Trillion-Dollar Economic Lifeline

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Compliance Alert

UPDATE: Families First Coronavirus Response Act: The Department of Labor Releases Clarification on Employee Paid Leave Rights (Updated as of 3/24). Read more here →

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Benefits Guidance

Helping your workforce stay healthy and access the critical care they need.


Responding to the Business Impacts of COVID-19

The initial impact of and ongoing response to COVID-19 has been rapid and remains very fluid and uncertain. Follow these actionable steps to manage the situation proactively and to mitigate the impact on ongoing business operations.

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Human Resources Guidance

Managing your workforce through national panic and disruption.


FMLA and Furlough Considerations for Small Employers

Tune into the latest COVID-19 Employer Advisory Session to hear from OneDigital’s HR Consulting and compliance leaders as they delve into FMLA provisions and requirements, guidance and best practices around furlough and workforce reductions and more.

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Download and customize any of these employee-facing email templates to proactively communicate organizational policies and updates with your workforce.

Compliance Guidance

Understand your existing compliance obligations and how response legislation impacts your operation.


Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act has been signed into law. Read on for a full summary of the law that includes recent updates from the IRS and DOL.

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NEW! COVID-19 Furloughs, Layoffs & Leaves: How It Affects Your Employee's Health Benefit

With employers faced with the difficult decisions of layoffs, furloughs or leave of absence, the question of how these acts impact an employee’s benefits often arises. Discover what existing benefits laws and regulations may impact the decision-making process to better inform the important choices ahead.

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Retirement & Wealth Guidance

Encourage financial health and balance amid enhanced market volatility.


Financial Market In Focus – An Employer Q&A

Tune in for an overview on some of employer's top questions for how the financial market has been impacted by COVID-19 and what are some of the strategies that businesses can implement during these unprecedented times.



Insights on Investment Strategies During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Markets have dropped recently as headlines shriek out, leaving employers and employees justifiably concerned about their existing funds and the state of the future. Follow this practical advice for managing retirement accounts during market volatility.

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Member Wellbeing & Engagement Resources

NEW! Equipping your workforce with meaningful resources to stay productive, healthy, and engaged.


The safety of your team members and their family is your utmost priority. Ensure your workforce is empowered with education and best practices as it relates to the Coronavirus.


Encourage your workforce to tap into the existing programs to make the most of their benefits package.


Now more than ever, the health of your workforce is vital to the success of your organization. To support your team members and their families, we have included the following resources to promote total wellbeing:

Physical Wellbeing​

Financial Wellbeing

Emotional / Social Wellbeing

Government & Agency Resources

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Upcoming Live Sessions

As the workforce responds to the evolving coronavirus pandemic, organizations must understand and plan for the impact by adopting policies and programs to mitigate repercussions while proactively managing their workforce and the care and safety of employees. Join us twice a week for an informative update on this rapidly changing situation.

COVID-19 Employer Advisory Session: How Employers Can Make the Most of a 2 Trillion-Dollar Economic Lifeline

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT Register Now

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Subject Matter Experts from the OneDigital COVID-19 Advisory present practical solutions that are actionable, timely and helpful in shaping workforce decision-making during these uncertain times. Topics include: layoffs, remote workforce, preventative actions and more.

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Mark Juneau VP of Global Benefits

Shelley McLean Senior Client Executive

Jeff Post Chief Clinical Officer

Josh Roland Principal

Matthew Rust Managing Consultant

Shira Wilensky National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing


Rebecca Blake Managing Director

Keith Falk Regional Managing Director, HR Consulting

Anne Gilson Regional Managing Director, HR Consulting

Nancy Saperstone Senior HR Business Partner and Communications Specialist

Tom Wimer Regional VP of Operations and HR Consulting


Annette Bechtold Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives

Samantha Malovrh Managing Director, Compliance Consulting

Jamie Webb-Akasaka VP, Legal Counsel

Erica Cordova Zinkie VP, Legal and Compliance

Live COVID-19 Updates

We encourage organizations to seek guidance from health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local government entities for a comprehensive and timely view of the current state of the virus as well as information on prevention.

The information contained here and the statements expressed are a general nature and are not intended to address the circumstances of any particular or individual entity. This advisory hub is made available by OneDigital for educational purposes only. Please consult with your local advisory team member for advice specific to your situation.