Whitepaper: Preparing for a Permanently-Shrinking Workforce

Welcome to the Demographic Drought

The Existential Workforce Crisis You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Demographically speaking, America’s workforce peaked in the year 2000 and has been in a state of decline ever since. The data shows that this trend will continue for decades to come, and that we are entering an era where human capital is a scarce commodity. The most farsighted and innovative businesses will be able to succeed and even thrive in this era, but only if they begin preparing today.


What's Inside

  • A data-driven examination of the trends and forces that are causing America’s labor pool to dry up.
  • An exploration of how a shortage of working-age Americans will impact the country’s business community in the years ahead.
  • Best practices for human capital conservation during an indefinite period of worker scarcity in America.
  • Actionable steps for leaders who want to get ahead of the curve and prepare their organizations for an increasingly competitive labor market.
The absolute number of working-age people has been shrinking since 2007, and the labor force participation rate has been declining since 2000.

Sources: The World Bank and OECD

The Great Resignation is Only the Beginning

Businesses must prepare for a future where labor shortages and heightened turnover are the norm. Discover the latest insights and guidance from workforce strategists designed to offer direction in overcoming the effects of the demographic drought.


In the coming years, employers will be forced into greater competition with each other over a dwindling supply of qualified workers. This competition will be incredibly costly for the unprepared.