Empowered Performance Employer Chats

A monthly virtual chat providing you with actionable curbside pick-ups meant to engage a community of like-minded employers on wellbeing topics to promote organizational empowerment.

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There will be Q&A opportunity throughout the chat as well as at the end of our session. Feel free to speak up and ask questions about your program or offer information that you feel would be beneficial for others on the call. Or submit your questions in advanced here.


The Experience

This monthly Zoom “meeting” (conversation) is by invitation-only and is meant to engage a community of like-minded employers like you. It will provide a forum for idea exchange, commentary, Q&A, and brainstorming. Discussion may include topics such as wellbeing strategy, best practice vendor applications, data-driven program components, senior leadership objectives, mental wellbeing, empowered performance outcomes and other current benefit solutions.

Our Wellbeing Strategy Consultant, Sara Tarca, will moderate the session, offering topics to initiate discussions each month, bringing guest speakers, client testimonials, and providing best practice recommendations. In the past, you may have asked for fresh, creative ideas to engage your employees and promote their health and wellbeing, and this dialogue should provide a new resource to assist in this regard.


About the Speakers

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Sara Tarca, Wellbeing Strategy Consultant

PHONE: 860.773.6990  |  EMAIL: starca@onedigital.com