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A monthly virtual chat providing you with actionable curbside pick-ups meant to engage a community of like-minded employers on wellbeing topics to promote organizational empowerment.

On This Month's Call

A Brave New (Work) World…Engaging and Empowering Employees in a Changing Environment” with Jason Lauritsen.

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

2:00 - 2:30 PM EST

Working and living in a new environment, where both individuals and profits thrive, may be the best unintended consequence of recent worldwide events. Yet, while so much has changed, so much remains the same! Employers in this new and complex landscape must learn how to chart a new course for engagement and performance, while maintaining success components from the past.  Joining Sara Tarca, for this ENGAGE conversation, Jason Lauritsen brings his experience working with thousands of companies and shares and understanding of what the best companies do differently to enhance outcomes. We’ll discuss the role that managers play and opportunities for impact. If you’re  tasked with employee engagement and performance measures, this session is a must!


The Experience

This monthly Zoom “meeting” (conversation) is open only to clients of OneDigital and is meant to engage a community of like-minded employers like you. It will provide a forum for idea exchange, commentary, Q&A, and brainstorming. Discussion may include topics such as wellbeing strategy, best practice vendor applications, data-driven program components, senior leadership objectives, mental wellbeing, empowered performance outcomes and other current benefit solutions. 

Our Wellbeing Strategy Consultant, Sara Tarca, will moderate the session, offering topics to initiate discussions each month, bringing guest speakers, client testimonials, and providing best practice recommendations. In the past, you may have asked for fresh, creative ideas to engage your employees and promote their health and wellbeing, and this dialogue should provide a new resource to assist in this regard. 

There will be Q&A opportunity throughout the chat as well as at the end of our session. Feel free to speak up and ask questions about your program or offer information that you feel would be beneficial for others on the call. Or submit your questions in advanced here.

About the Guest


Jason Lauritsen keynote speaker, author, and leadership trainer who will challenge you to think differently. He is an employee engagement and performance management expert who passionately believes that work can and should be a fulfilling experience for every employee. he is the founder of the Engagement Leader Community, an online learning experience for employee engagement practitioners.  Jason uses a blend of research, practical experience, and storytelling to empower managers to have a more positive impact on their people. As both a former corporate executive and entrepreneur, Jason has always been dedicated to creating organizations that are good for both people and profits.   

Jason also led the research team for Quantum Workplace’s Best Places to Work program for three years. There, he studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest to engage their employees. Jason is the author of two books, Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential and Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.    

Connect with Jason at www.JasonLauritsen.com or by email to jason@jasonlauritsen.com. 

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Employer Tactics to Promote Diversity, Anti-Racism and an Inclusive Environment

Tuesday, July 28th at 2 PM

Employers are not just faced with the 'business of doing business' in our new working environment. Leadership teams must tackle the complexities of employee concerns surrounding societal unrest, equity, anti-racism, diversity, and... a Pandemic, too! How can we use uncertainty, chaos and disruption to our advantage, as vehicles to empower the organization as a whole? Our guest, J. Israel Greene, offers his insights to employers and deliver key tactics leading to systemic and cultural change. Don't miss this session if you're looking for action steps to bring to Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion Resource Groups, or to your HR Team.

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Past ENGAGE Chat

Tuesday, June 23rd at 2 PM

As we begin to peek ahead beyond Covid-19, employers are seeking solutions to guide their performance, engagement and wellbeing strategies as they move into the “Next” normal. Join our conversation as we seek to answer: Can data analytics and a personal approach help to restore health and build resiliency?
Our guest, Jody Dobrowski, Senior Sales Executive at Zillions, will share her perspective and insights, as Sara Tarca guides the discussion in an interactive format. Employers can expect to gain a greater understanding as to how Mental Wellbeing and Resiliency play critical roles in the ability of the organization to thrive, not just survive, post-pandemic.

Past ENGAGE Chat

Thursday, May 14th at 2 PM

Sara guides the discussion related to employee wellbeing support in the return-to-work environment. Joined by our guest Dr. Edward Schwartz, Chief Medical Officer at CareHere, attendees gained valuable insights and left the session with (3) “curbside pickup” action items that will help strengthen employee engagement and empower their organization - during and beyond the COVID-19 timeline.


Sara Tarca, Wellbeing Strategy Consultant

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