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Dec 3

New England ENGAGE Chat | Learning from 2020 to Create a Win-Win Mental Wellbeing Strategy for the Workplace

Thursday, December 3, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST


About the Event

That's a Wrap: Learning from 2020 to Create a Win-Win Mental Wellbeing Strategy for the Workplace with Mettie Spiess & Remi Kyek

Did you know that 62% of missed workdays are attributed to mental health? In a year where business and personal lives came to a grinding halt and then resumed in the "new normal," 70% of workers reported that anxiety and stress were reducing their productivity. Employers faced challenges as they tried to keep the business running while supporting employees at the same time. Yet, in this time of an unprecedented work environment, we've learned a great deal and much of it can be advantageous to your workplace moving forward.

Join Sara Tarca and a dynamic duo of mental health experts: Remi Kyek (Mental Health CT) and Mettie Spiess (A World Without Suicide), as they discuss strategies to continue building on the "Pandemic Positives". This session offers too much content for 30 minutes, so we've extended our session to a full hour! Continuing our ENGAGE tradition, we'll offer Attendees a final curbside take-away in the form of a 2020 wrap-up: practical recommendations related to reducing stigma, leadership support/modeling, cultural transformation, strategic policies and virtual support tools.

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About the Speakers


Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor

Dubbed the “stigma-crusher” by employers worldwide, Mettie Spiess is the workplace mental health expert to connect with if your goals include: mentally resilient employees, stigma-free work environments, and psychologically safe leaders!

As a trusted advisor to employers in 22 industries, across 43 countries, Mettie has strategically designed effective, sustainable mental wellness programs for over a decade.

Mettie is the 2016 National Alliance on Mental Illness Education Advancement Award Winner, an international Keynote Speaker and the Founder of A World Without Suicide, a training and consulting firm that helps workplaces effectively support employee mental health to reduce the risk of crisis.



Remi Kyek (BA, Psychology and MA, Marriage and Family Therapy) is the Chief Experience Officer at Mental Health Connecticut (MHC)Remi has been a part of MHC for almost 30 years.

As CXO, Remi leads strategic efforts to ensure MHC delivers the highest quality care by overseeing the training and support of our 200+ direct care staff who serve 1,000+ individuals per day. Under Remi’s leadership, MHC is a trauma-informed and person-centered organization that matches the unique needs of the people we serve, with the support and care that’s required to live a full life in the community.

Remi also leads MHC’s Community Education programming to help the business community and other groups in Connecticut benefit from MHC’s expertise of  creating environments that are free from stigma and allow everyone to be supported in their journey to achieve long-term health and wellness.

About ENGAGE Chats

This monthly Zoom “meeting” (conversation) is open only to clients of OneDigital and is meant to engage a community of like-minded employers like you. It will provide a forum for idea exchange, commentary, Q&A, and brainstorming. Discussion may include topics such as wellbeing strategy, best practice vendor applications, data-driven program components, senior leadership objectives, mental wellbeing, empowered performance outcomes and other current benefit solutions.

Our Wellbeing Strategy Consultant, Sara Tarca, will moderate the session, offering topics to initiate discussions each month, bringing guest speakers, client testimonials, and providing best practice recommendations. In the past, you may have asked for fresh, creative ideas to engage your employees and promote their health and wellbeing, and this dialogue should provide a new resource to assist in this regard.


Thursday, December 3, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST